Playtime (continued) – Big Shot and Movers and Shapers die tips and ideas

Hi All,

Here it is Saturday and once again my to do list is staring me in the face.   So what am I doing here with you???  Hey its Saturday and to me that means playtime!   So how about a compromise?   I’ll show you some fun stuff from my playtime last week at Cheryl’s house and then I promise I’ll get right on that list…okay? 

But first….a confession….I get as much of a kick out of experimenting with my Big Shot and other tools just to see what they can do as I do with actually creating finished cards….yes I know blasphemy!    But sometimes you just have to see what the tools can do before you can settle down to actually making something.


I really have a thing for SU’s Movers and Shapers dies and the base platform die that allows you to cut and score a card while cutting out a decorative piece from the card front all at the same time!  Stampin’ Up first came out with a version that replicates the shape of the Curly Label punch.  And even better the die and the punch are just slightly different in size so it allows for interesting layering possibilities.  The Occasions mini from last spring introduced 4 new shapes for use with the base platform from the Curly Label version.   And now our new Holiday mini has introduced 4 more!   Another day I’ll show you what I came up with for those new Holiday dies – this time combined with the very popular Impressions folder Petals a Plenty.

Traditionally the Curly Label Movers and Shapers die  does this:

Curly Label Movers and shapers die cut card 001

Traditional Curly Label Movers and Shapers die cut


But did you know it could also do this:


Punch & Movers and Shapers shapes 001

Top: Movers & Shapers elongated windows Bottom: Punch created window

The first example is the usual thing.  Place the curly label die piece anywhere on the magnetic surface of the base platform die and voila you will have a window cut into the card front in addition to a scored card ready for folding and embellishing.  In the second set of examples I played around just a bit.   By placing the die a tad bit further into the center than I might otherwise do, I gave myself a second possibility.   The first time through the Big shot is the normal use and orientation.  The second time through I left the curly label die where it was for the first pass and flipped the card piece itself to the other side.  By carefully lining it up within the card area of the base platform die (ie lining up the score area) I had the card in the perfect spot to cut a second overlapping window that then gave me a much wider window to play with and a greater variety of images and text that I could fit within that zone.   Very quick and easy once you have the die lined up in the right place and can be repeated over and over for multiple copies. 
Then just for fun I took a single quarter sheet of  8-1/2 x 11 paper and placed it over just the bottom window part of the card area of the die and started running it through the Big Shot.  I did the now usual trick to get the elongated opening and then I flipped the card around completely end over end and ran it through to get a second elongated window.  Now depending on the placement you can have the double openings closer or farther apart.  I’ll probably end up trimming the edges a bit so it layers nicely on a card base.  I can see using one window for an image and the other for a text but who knows what will happen once I actually start playing with it.  I might even just put a lattice piece behind it like this:
Curly Label Mover and shaper piece with lattice 001
So many possibilities with a Big Shot and a handful of dies.  However it is possible to go just a little too crazy.  When I tried to take the experiment one step further and create a larger square opening I realized that I was overlooking an even simpler tool.  As crazy as I am about my Big Shot I sometimes tend to overlook my first “die” cutting tool – the simple hand punch.    The curly label punch was one of the first punches I used to create my own windows before the advent of SU’s Big Shot and the Movers and Shapers die.    The locations however were limited by the reach of the punch so the Movers and Shapers die was a wonderful invention.   For creating the large square however I rediscovered the quick versatility of the punch.    The BS version as you can see was problematical- it slipped and slid just a bit, took longer and generally gave me a poor result.  Probably with a little more practice I could have gotten it down reasonably well.  However in under 10 seconds I was able to create exactly the look I wanted using just the hand punch.   A thrifty discovery for those of you who don’t yet own a Big Shot or the Mover and Shaper die set.  And offered a different look since there was no corresponding piercing around the image like the Movers and Shapers Curly Label die piece creates.
Movers and Shapers Versus Punch

Movers and Shapers Versus Punch


 Well that’s it for todays peek at playtime.  Stay tuned as there will be more to come.  After all that one day covered almost 8 hours of fun and experimentation.

 Here’s the tools I used in the above examples:

Curly Label Movers and Shapers die

Curly Label Punch

Curly Label Punch (#112208, $15.95)



 On a feline note:

Courtesy of my friend and fellow demo Jaydee’s blog I have a newly discovered cat and dog blog to share with you  that feeds hungry kitties and pups and all you have to do to help is click (although of course there are options for more – hee,hee)!  The cat version can be found here –  and the dog version here – .

Fun trivia questions, cartoons and links to fun pet video’s add to the fun and best of all these guys are located right here in my home state of Oregon though the shelters they help are extending outwards across the US.


 And finally a cautionary tale (or should that be loss of tail?):


When love for purple and glitter goes sadly wrong!

I told her she had too much glitter in her stash!!

***I told her she had too much glitter in her stash!! But would she listen.....!***


I guess that’s a reminder to go clean the litter box and get on with the rest of my list so I can get back to organizing my stamp room and creating more fun bits and pieces to share with y’all!
Hugs and blessings and take some time to play today! – Jean

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  1. Wow! Who knew? Thanks for the new ideas on the CL die!

  2. […] card fronts with hinges and the elongated version of the movers and shapers die I featured on this post you would be able to accomodate the longer Trick or Treat or Give Thanks or Valentines, […]

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