Frugal Friday – Featuring: Think Happy Thoughts


Hi All,

Time once again for another Frugal Friday featuring another under $20 stamp set – Check the sidebar for a downloadable  list of the rest that fall into this category and for the Under $20 holiday mini sets as well.  

 Today’s featured stamp set is Think Happy Thoughts.  Another fun stamp set with a wide range of messages and uses and of course the perfect encouraging message for the times and at the right price too!   

I have to admit that this set makes me grin.   A friend at our last Stamp Camp pointed this set out to me and I realized that I hadn’t really given it much attention.   The more we discussed the set and possible ideas for using it the more excited I got about it until I just knew I had to share it here.  Not only does it fit the frugal definition of usefulness and good price it just makes me happy!   Must be the circles…or maybe the admonition to Think Happy Thoughts…but whatever it is I just know I have to spread the good feeling by sending it out into the world on cards, tags and other projects.   Thanks Joy for bringing it to my attention.   Now that I think about it this is the perfect set for a lady with your name and outlook on life.   So consider this post dedicated to you!

Think Happy Thoughts - FW 2008

Tip: Use the Scallop Square, Scallop Circle, and Scallop Edge punches (page 186) together on projects to create a cohesive look. Also try playing with unlikely combinations. Even non coordinating punches sometimes look interesting together.

                       Think Happy Thoughts - SS 2009             Think Happy Thoughts pg. 144


Think Happy Thoughts Stamp Set

Think Happy Thoughts

# 115092, $16.95, pg. 144 

Set Quantity: 6

SU’s Description:  The Think Happy Thoughts set offers circular multi-occasion greetings, dots, and, since it’s a Two-Step Stampin’ set, a flower you can stamp in the center. Using this set sends a simple message—going in circles has never been so much fun!

This is a set most often used in combination with others or to create tags.  It can also be used as a watermark or with inks to create interesting backgrounds.  You could even create a wreath from the circles.  Punched out and overlapped in a circle you will have circles within circles then add some ribbon or other embellishment and you’re done.

Tip:  Many of our stamp sets and punches coordinate—like our Think Happy Thoughts set and circle punches.  Cut your cutting time instead of your paper by using punches on your projects.

Coordinating Product:

Spot On Jumbo Wheel (#107559, $8.50) – This wheel is on the dormant list but still available for sale.  To view all items on the dormant list check the document in my right hand side bar.

Spot On Jumbo Wheel

1 and quarter inch circle punch

1-1/4” Circle Punch - #104403, $15.95

Tip:  The 1-1/4″ Circle can also be layered over  Designer Label Punch pieces.  And the Designer Label Punch can be layered in interesting configurations as seen below.  The combinations were made using up to 3 Designer Label pieces and 1 circle. 

 Designer Label Punch Layering - 4 001  Designer Label Punch Layering 1 001  Designer Label Punch Layering 2 001Designer Label Punch Layering 3 001 Designer Label Punch Layering - 8 001 Designer Label Punch Layering - 5 001 Designer Label Punch Layering - 6 001Designer Label Punch Layering - 7 001

 (Stamp shown in above examples is from Matchbox Messages stamp set – item#113800, $25.95, page 119 in the current catalog)

 Links to inspiration for Think Happy Thoughts:

 SCS Gallery:

 Stampin Addicts Gallery:

 *** – demo from down under

Spot on link: – interesting technique for wheeling on envelopes or other projects.


I’ve posted the punch layering images in a PDF you can download from my SCRIBD files accessible from the right hand side bar or by clicking here.   Feel free to copy and use and share as you like with friends or customers.   If you want to post to your own blog I would appreciate a link back to mine. 

I hope your week has been a happy one and that you are planning a weekend of fun, family (fur or human :D) and of course stamping!   And of course if you want to order any of the materials presented here you can reach me by email or select me as your demo when ordering on line.

Hugs, blessings and of course Happy Thoughts! – Jean

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  1. Oh I love that stamp set, used to use it all the time. I should get it back out!

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