Gift Card Holder and Ornament in one

Hi All,

Love the idea of simple Gift Cards but wonder what will be left for the future or as a reminder of the gift if we’re talking Starbucks card or some other consumable purchase?  My favorite answer as we approach the holidays is  a holder with an ornament attached! Works for cards too.  And the interesting thing in my experience is that people like even the simple variety of ornament like the one I have for you today (I’ll show you the slightly more complex ones another day). 

Last year I made several, several hundred of these simple types and just a hundred or so of the more complex version (still pretty easy though) and now I’m seeing them everywhere (or so it seems – LoL!).  Hanging from cabinet handles, refrigerators, chandeliers, car mirrors all year round to name a few places. Quick and easy to make with kids or other crafters a couple hundred of the last batch were given to our local food bank for inclusion in Holiday boxes.   At Thanksgiving a couple of years ago I gave small packets of the ornaments as gifts to a friend and the other guests who had invited me to join them (Sandycat and Wicket had to settle for “doggy” bags of turkey that year :D) and they were a hit.

Today’s Project:

While playing over at Cheryl’s (Hi Cheryl and thanks for the yummy dinner!) the other day one of the project ideas we were looking at was a gift card/business card/product holder for our friend Joy who is a Mary Kay consultant.  This was my first attempt.  It’s pretty plain as far as embellishments or techniques go as initially I was looking at something that could be reproduced simply with limited supplies and trying to keep the cost and time factors reasonable.

A true Friend - gift card holder with ornament 001

True Friend - Curry ornament 001

One Card two different ornaments for the flower.   Might be a little hard to tell that the flower heads are the ornaments!  Here’s the basic view and a side shot of the two simple ornaments.

True Friend - Ornament gift card holder 001

The stamp set used for all but the text was True Friend.   The base flower image was inked up on the Crushed Curry pad and then an Old Olive marker used to color in the leaves and stem.   Using the full flower gives a bit of dimension to the full project as well as an image to view once the ornament is removed from the card.  

The ornaments though looking somewhat different were both made from the same large medallion flower image.  Both stamped in Rich Razzleberry – one on Crushed Curry the other onVery Vanilla cardstock.   Basically you stamp two flowers, cut or punch them and using sticky strip on one attach the length of thread (crotchet thread in this case) then add some adhesive from SU’s fabulous Anywhere Glue Stick to the other flower and press the two together.  I’ve found from a couple of years of making these that the glue stick is generally your best bet for long term survival.  When I first started making them I wanted to be zippy quick and used snail.  For my cold dry climate in Southern Oregon (I know sounds weird doesn’t it – dry in Oregon)  that turned out not to work particularly well and over a fairly short time the ornaments would start to peel apart. 

The Curry Ornament was punched using the Scallop punch and while the design doesn’t completely fit in the punch it’s reasonably good and most people don’t notice unless you point it out or hold it right under their eyes – LoL!  Using the punch saves a tremendous amount of time and allows you to make 3 full ornaments in about the same time it takes to make one of the other variety.   The somewhat more intensive Very Vanilla version involves the same two stamped images again in Rich Razzleberry only this time I cut a wide circle around the image then starting at the small tear drops between the points of the flower I cut a small half diamond (some might call it a pup tent – ^).  SU Paper snips work well for this close work or whatever fine tipped close work scissors you have in your drawer is fine.

Working my way around I cut the half diamonds over each tear drop then went back around and cut a slanting cut down the sides of each of the flower points intersecting with the diamond cuts.  Takes about 3 minutes or so to do both flowers.  Then the same process of sticky strip, string, glue and press together.  Once again the cuts won’t line up exactly but close enough for a pretty result once the ornament is hanging from a tree or wherever you choose to put it.    I’ll show you some variations in another post with hopefully some pictures of the process at each step.

Once the basic card was put together – I placed some Dotto on one side of the ornament folded the string underneath it and stuck it over the previously inked flower.   The Dotto acts much like a post it note and allows you to remove and reapply the ornament.  Once dry and the ornament is ready for regular use any residue from the Dotto can be rubbed off and you would never know it was there.   As you can see from the photo below the card base was designed to hold a gift card/business card/product packet  and I used the slit punch to create the flaps holding the object.  To get the placement I placed the item to be held on the base and using a pencil made a mark on 3 sides.   Then turning the slit punch bottom side up I lined the flat edge of the slit image up just slightly above the pencil line on each side and punched.  This gave a snug set of flaps that holds the object well.   I also put the alternate ornament on the upper inside of the card.  Another possibility would be to slit punch that side as well for Joy’s business card (of course I didn’t think about that one until the layers for the top of the card were already in place so for this one Joy will have to Dotto the business card too if she wants it there) – The upper layers of the card front would hide the slits to the top piece if you size it just right.

This holder is pretty much just ink and punches and cardstock.  Kinda simple and looking at it now I can see that piercing or some texture tricks would step it up a notch.  Anyone have some other ideas on that one?   Feel free to leave a comment.   Keep in mind this particular one is for business use and needs to be kept somewhat simple and easily repeatable.  But for your own use you can glam it up as much as you want!  This might even make a fun photo presentation piece for multiple say graduation photos or senior pictures (the slit flaps should hold about 4-5 or so photos).

   True Friend Gift Card Holder - inside 001


True Friend Stamp Set

True Friend - # 110378, $22.95, Pg. 122 IBC


Basic Folder dimension:  3-1/2″ x 5″  , Layer 1:  4 – 1/2″ x 3″, Layer 2:  4″ x 2-1/2″ 

Stamps:  True Friend, Warm Words

Inks: Rich Razzleberry, Crushed Curry, Old Olive Marker

Cardstock: Close to Cocoa, Crushed Curry, Very Vanilla

Accessories:  Ticket Corner Punch, Modern Label Punch, Word Window Punch, Scallop Circle Punch, Slit Punch, Crotchet Thread, Dotto, Anywhere Glue Sticks


That’s it for today.  I’ve got a bunch more to share from my playtime – assuming of course that Sandy doesn’t take everything apart.  I’m wondering what’s in the Crushed Curry ink and paper as she seems particularly fascinated with the stuff and won’t stop nosing it, nudging it and even licking it.  Yikes!  Do you suppose there really is Curry in the stuff or does she just have a really good imagination! 

On the other hand that was a fresh glue stick I was using and she may be remembering the fun she had last year when I made a few hundred of the ornaments and she went glue crazy!  Wicket of course being the princess she is just nodded her approval of the project then curled up in her basket like the lady she generally is.   No crawling all over the desktop and wailing at Momma for being gone all day and getting into the projects and pieces!  Sandy’s a scamp and Wicket’s a princessly pain at times but I love them both immensely.   However if my sanity ever disappears I’ll know who’s responsible – Lol!

Hugs and Blessings – Jean


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