Frugal Friday has been delayed – in the meantime here’s a video


Problemz bakstage - cat photo


Hi All,

Frugal Friday has been delayed on account of laundry, cats and realtors!    So many things to get done today and WordPress was having hissy fits and slowness issues last night so the post is still in process and hopefully will be up later this afternoon.  In the meantime how about a video of the SU commercial showing the new My Digital Studio!   While this program hasn’t hit my computer screen in person just yet…Wahhhhh!   I’ve been busily learning all about it with SU’s fabulous webinars for demo’s (to get us all trained and ready for your questions and inquiries), following other bloggers who do have it (did you know that keyboards and drool really aren’t compatible??) and generally sketching designs and dreaming dreams of digital glory!    If you only knew how messy I manage to get when crafting the traditional way with ink and glue and…’d understand my excitement.   Finally a tool that will let me work with the designs in my head at the touch of a button without introducing ink and glue dots etc into the bedding or kitty fur not to mention my hair and eyes!

So settle back grab your popcorn and check out this wonderful new crafting!

Have I mentioned that this wonder will also let you create SU image blog banners, watermarks, flyers, mini posters, as well as all the other cards, scrapbooks, calendars and stuff they advertise.    Even ecards!!!!  Yah!   One of my favorite things and I’ll be able to make my own instead of cruising other ecard sites and having to “settle”.   The sky’s the limit and will only keep getting better with all the additional downloads coming down the pike.

As it is, well loved stamp sets that retired are in here, current sets have new images (say what!), last years in colors are included (and maybe more on the way??), some retired and current scrappin’ kits & DSP (some new designs too) are in there too.   Virtual bows, knots, punches, ribbon, buttons and brads and so much more.  All sized to allow for hybrid projects that color and size match with the original products.

So are you as  excited as I am?  Looking forward to tips and tutorials?

You aren’t???   Well clearly you better watch the video of the new MDS commercial found here!  Granted this is the short version.  A more detailed version will be available Oct. 1 on You-tube and other online venues.  Oct. 1 is also the date you can order this lovely new product!

This link will also give you access to a Q&A, print pricing and most importantly the system requirements though I should note that based on demonstrator experience you will want more like 3-4MB’s of RAM and not just 1 for the program to run at its best.

Oh yeah there will be more posts coming on this one!

Hugs and blessings (and thanks for your patience) – Jean

PS:  If you can’t wait till October 1st to get your hands on this software consider joining my demonstrator team.  Demo’s have had this available for purchase since Sept 1 and with the new certification program free additional downloads  will also be available until October 31st!

 PSS:  Check out my friend Jaydee’s recent MDS post.  I love what she’s done with this new digital tool.

And one more link to an SCS gallery search I ran of MDS projects – 


funny-pictures-cat-saw-something-scaryPretty close to the response I got when the cats read this post!   Very much an – Oh No!   Now she’s going to be spending even more time on the computer!!  While this photo isn’t of Sandy or Wicket the look was very well duplicated in their terror striken, play deprived eyes! – LoL!

Don’t worry kitties…Mama will still love you and play with you…besides I’ll be able to use all those pictures you’ve been posing for…..Ah I thought that would change your tune!    My two once camera shy kitties are now camera flash flashers!


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