Rogue Musings with a Cat on the desk!

My desk has been taken hostage!


Not Sandycat or my desk but read on and you’ll get the idea!

 Hi All,

My topic this week around the house can best be described as Sharing a Desk with a cat. As I’m writing this Sandycat is sitting/laying on the corner of my desk. With her butt half on the keyboard (and doesn’t that make typing interesting) and her head lowered over the edge peering out the window under the blinds. Now this is all well and good unless you understand that this is all new behavior so we are both adjusting. About the time I signed the sales agreement with my realtors to market the house Sandy suddenly started sitting on the desk. Hmm…interesting…wish I new if these two events really are connected or is it just a case of coincidence. Anyway as I said its a bit of an adjustment…fur floating around, pens disappearing and of course the keyboard already mentioned. Now we add a new twist. In looking out the window Sandy has spotted the neighbors cat sitting in its backyard. Truly I doubt the other cat even knows Sandy is watching but you’d never know that from Sandy. I’m taking my life in hands continuing to type here so I hope you have an award in mind for me – ha, ha, ha. I can see the headline now….She remained faithfully typing till the last drop of blood fell from the scratches received in the line of duty….oh…too melodramatic?? Okay must be the growls and hisses and swats I’m getting when the typing jars the desk and the furry butt sitting on the keyboard that has me seeing my life flash before my eyes. I’d get up and take a break but any movement may draw that fatal attack don’t you know and since the bandaids and tourniquets are in the other room I guess I’ll sit here quietly :D.      ……………………   ………   …………………

Okay I’m back.  The good thing about Sandy in a hissy fit is she really can’t stand the tension so eventually she breaks off runs away and hides until she can sleep it off. Very tiring defending your turf from cats who don’t know you exist! So now should I mention the kittens I just found under my deck last week? How does one explain to the home buyer I hope will be buying my house PDQ that no I wasn’t a cruel hearted – – – who just moved away and abandoned her cats! The cats actually belong to the neighbors but for some reason Mama cat along with the rest of the neighborhood of animals have adopted the underneath parts of my deck as their home away from home. So have the skunks and therein lies a tale. The last two weeks I’ve noticed regular and frequent short duration whiffs of eau de skunk. Not a big deal to me as it just smells like bad garlic but I’ve been trying to figure out why there seems to be so much more of it but only in little doses. Enter the discovery of the kittens. Ah ha something tells me that now that the kittens are a wee bit bigger they must be exploring the skunks territory at the end of the deck and perhaps making themselves just a little too much at home. Kids do have a way of doing that don’t they?? Now while skunk and family seem to have decided my Sandycat is okay as a neighbor who doesn’t get too pushy but stops by for the occasional chat they seem to object to child invasions of the four foot variety. Hmmm…how to phrase this in the disclosure agreement without sounding like a loonie toon! Dear buyer your lovely new home comes complete with animal companions of all species….Good luck… might be the most honest way but it sure would be fun to do a riff on the space they have unknowingly sublet to little seen but occasionally noticable tenants. And do you think I have an obligation to mention the bobcat that will most likely be showing up in another month or so that likes to hang out on the roof? All these critters haven’t caused any problems and actually are kind of fun to watch but I can see how some people might not take it quite so calmly. Picture new owner in the kitchen washing up after dinner and glancing up at the skylight and seeing…….oh my I do live in the country don’t I!


So….Saturday was stamp camp in my Living Room!  Lots of fun and a wee more informal than when my partners Cheryl and Linda and I hold them at Linda’s Church’s Hall.  Slightly smaller group so we were a tad more leisurely in our crafting and took time for a bit more visiting.  Seriously fun projects!  And lots of chocoloate.  Missy one of our customers brought hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries!   Now that’s what I call a wonderful customer!   Lots of other chocolate truffles, peanut chocoloate mix and…..oh yeah we had some real food too!   

I don’t often get a chance to stamp myself at Stamp Camp so yesterday was very fun.  Nothing like getting the fingers nice and inky.   I’ll be posting the projects Monday so you can all enjoy the inspiration.

Funny cat note about the day.  Obviously since the night before I was in a whirlwind of cleaning as well as pushing all the furniture against the wall to make room for tables and chairs the cats figured out that something was up.  Nice fur mama that I am I moved their bowls and potty box into the Master bath figuring Wicket and Sandy would be spending the day under the bed.  Well part way through Stamp Camp Wicket decided to join the party but kept meowing her NoW sound and her stress sound and I couldn’t figure out what was up.  Turned out later that what was up was Sandy was missing!   Usually the two rascals call a truce and cuddle up together for support when strangers invade the house and Wickets bud was no where to be found thus the crying!  

After everyone left I started looking and calling and couldn’t find Sandy anywhere.  Then the light above the head went off and I checked outside.    My dear girl who lately hates to go outside had spent the day under the deck and hiding in the bushes!  And boy did I hear about it.  After a few mournful mews the kitty swearing began!   And Sandy, feral kitty that she is, can cuss a blue streak in CAT!  On the upside both cats are really enjoying the big open space with the furniture all to the sides so to make it up to them I’m leaving the open area for a day or so and now they are holding steeplechase races with timeouts for long sensous rolls all over and up and down the carpet – sorta swimming a side stroke all around the pool (carpet).  I’ll see if I can get some pictures of the action later today!  One last Oops on my part for the day.  I had gone to bed and Sandy was crying at the bedroom door and wouldn’t stop.  Turns out I forgot to put her “living room” big dog bed full cat body pillow back out from where I hid it from view for the day!   The living room still had that big rug space, her cat tower and a couch with a faux fur sheepskin type piece on the couch but what was missing was the pillow!   Boy are they spoiled!  But hey when they sound that pitiful and you just know their heart is breaking and besides she got locked out and of course that was my fault (though how she got outside without any help from me was left out of the discussion…….)…. what’s a fur mama to do….get out of bed and get the pillow out of course!   And here I thought I was in charge!

Hug your fur companions and anyone else you love!  And have a blessed Sunday!  And oh yeah there really is nothing like sharing a desk with one you love.  Hearing that purr as you type and taking a moment out every paragraph or so to scratch some very soft ears and paws.  And drop a kiss on the top of a furry head.  Even if the result is back feet pushing the keyboard off the desk!  😀

Hugs – Jean


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  1. Jean… as always your blog was a wonderful diversion! I’m thinking that I might need to trade houses with you… we obviously have similar cat issues…. and “critters” living under our respective decks… however, you trump me on the bear scat and the bobcat on the roof! I really hope that your buyers love your garden and surroundings as much as you do. You are obviously going to miss mother nature in all her glory. Love your blog.
    Peace, hugs and purrs from the felines

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