Nope not a new code or cult or anything weird.  Just today’s date!  

I was processing some emails today and realized that whatever you call it when a date is the same all the way across (hmm..maybe Google or my friend Darrah knows?) it’s a very cool phenomenon and doesn’t happen often!   Wanna bet lots of people chose to get married today just because of that date phenomenon!

Don’t you just love it when a new idea or realization strikes??!!



– Jean

PS: If anyone knows what that phenomenon is called I’d love to hear from you!   And yes I guess it’s a tad different if you use 2009 instead of 09 but then that would look way less cool don’t you think? 😀


2 Responses

  1. LOL, what cute kitties, Jean–you’ve got to scrap this purr-fect pounce!

    • Hi Holly,
      Wish I could claim these little darlings. This photo came from one of the many public domain funny cat sites I visit and seemed to illustrate the unexpected striking of an idea. I expect you might see it again with the funny caption put back in sometime. 😀 They are awfully darn cute but Sandy and Wicket won’t let me adopt any more pets for the time being. Every time I try they beat them up unmercifully. Seems they don’t want to share their house or their Mom or something! On the other hand they’re terrified of the kittens my neighbors cat just had that are currently living under my front deck. Go figure! – Jean

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