Sunday September Ramblings

Fall Thanksgiving

Today, O God, we are
full of gratitude for all
you have given us.

    — The Blessing Candles

 (even the pine needles)


 Hi All,

I hope you are having a very fun and relaxing Labor Day Weekend.  I came across the picture and prayer on a favorite site of mine and thought it was a good reminder as we head into fall.  Every day I try to remember to be grateful.  For breath, for life, for the daily needs of my body being met and most of all for love and the chance to love.  Love of my cats, my extended family, my neighbors and most of all my God who invented the concept.   I remember a prayer I used to hear everywhere at dinner tables – For what we are about to receive may the Lord make us truly grateful – and it used to make me wonder…are we so poor in spirit that God must “make” us grateful.   Perhaps so, as it’s very easy to forget to be so on our own.   And oh yes…I’m grateful for chocolate!  How’s that for a segue into stamping 😀

And on a stamping note when it comes to pictures sacred or profane…..its funny  how as a stamper I view pictures a tad differently now than before I took up the craft.  I can’t help looking at the compostion and other features just a bit differently.  Looking at this particular one Michelle Zindorf and her amazing brayer techniques come to mind.  Not to mention my stamp inventory.  Now that I know longer bemoan my lack of ability to draw something like this my mind wanders to the stamps in my cupboard and catalogs.    I’ll have to search through my stamps and see if I can’t find some that might let me CASE this creation.   And speaking of Michelle check out her latest use of SU’s very meaningful Courage stamp set here.    Seems appropriate for a Sunday afternoon on a labor day weekend.

So what am I doing to celebrate this weekend you ask?  What else…I’m laboring!   No I’m not having a baby though trust me getting a house ready for sale sometimes feels like it.   And like having a baby the unpredictable always happens.  Last weekend I spent a couple of hours raking up pine needles and other messy yard stuff and lo and behold this week we had the winds from h-e-l-l come roaring through and so the trees dropped more and the nice mulchy piles I made here and there were redistributed back to the drive area and the recently washed white truck is now covered in needles and dust!! ARGHHHGGG!      The cats of course sat in the window and watched the whole thing like it was a show put on especially for them!  That is until the pine needles started hitting the window!  Who says Mama and mother nature can’t have the last laugh on a couple of furballs!   And I’ll let you guess what happens when you leave the tailgate down on the truck in the face of such a windstorm…anyone want some free mulch?? I can drive it right to your door!  At least it doesn’t have to be raked up – just out 😀

On another topic….for you bloggers out there –  do you ever wish that the “secret” blogging stats could tell you more!   I was finishing up a post Friday night (just barely a Friday post since for you East Coasters it went up at quarter to midnight :D) when I noticed that someone from Lompoc, California had just hit my blog.   Well that might not mean a lot to most of you but where I used to live Lompoc was just a skip away so it was like seeing a visitor from home ( I know I’ve been in Oregon for 4 years now but the Santa Ynez valley area of California was my home for way longer and I still miss it at times).  My point is that I wanted to jump up and wave my arms and say hi neighbor and by the way who are you … do I know you from way back when??   ARGHHH….not possible!   I suppose I could put a sticky post at the top of my blog saying if you are checking in from…fill in the blank…please leave your name.    Might not work but you never know.   So if Lompoc, Santa Ynez area and Santa Barbara local readers stop by do me a favor and leave a comment.  I’d love to know what’s going on in my old stomping grounds.  I can’t say stamping grounds because back then I didn’t know a thing about stamping.   Just ask my upline Cheryl.   She’s heard some pretty funny stories about me and the whole stamp ignorance thing!  She’s also to blame for introducing me to all you lovely stampers and all that lovely SU stamping product!   And to top it all off she and her customers are still teaching me how it all works!

Hi Cheryl!  And thanks once again for introducing me to this wild and wacky world of stamping!

Thought I would leave you today with this picture.  Sandycat loves to climb into my smallest puzzle boxes and its a real hoot to see her try to fit her 14 pound self into the tiniest boxes.  Don’t see the attraction myself and it’s a bit weird considering both she and Wicket insist on Dog sized beds and baskets cause they like their space.  This kitty isn’t one of mine but the sentiment remains true in most things for my rascals as well.


I just loved the caption.  Cats can expand to fill all available space….like  our hearts, our lives and our bed!   Kind of like stamping supplies.  They just tend to take over.  But boy do we get a lot of enjoyment in return.   

Have a blessed Sunday and a very fun and happy holiday weekend and of course….don’t forget to stamp!


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  1. Jean… you’ve been visiting my house again… love this pic. thanks for sharing and once again making me smile! peace and hugs, jaydee

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