Big Shot Commercial takes the blogosphere and the Stampin’ Up! Convention by storm!

A truly brilliant and funny demo (Linda Heller), her downline and her husband put together this very fun commercial that wowed the Stampin’ Up! convention in Salt Lake City this last August and has since been wowing the SU blog circuit as well.   I’ve heard rumors that SU is being encouraged to actually present this in some venue as an actual ad!  Keep watching through the credits or you’ll miss the fun bit at the end!

This is the same wonderful and wacky lady who created a Stampbusters series of posts and videos (to see the others click here) loosly based on the Mythbusters guys on Cable TV.

For more fun and interesting video’s and posts by Linda Heller you can check out her blog here.  Her husband Matt who has a cameo appearance in the Big Shot Video has even created his own Man Card video you can see here.  For more of Matt’s perspective you can check out his own tab on Linda’s blog.  Must be nice to have a guy who gets SU!

I’ll try to track down a few more of the SU ads from convention over the coming weeks.  But of course I had to start with the award winner!

Hugs and blessings – Jean

PS:  Thanks Linda for showing us the benefits of a Big Shot in a worshop setting!  And for the laughs!


2 Responses

  1. Oh that’s too funny, Jean! Love it!

  2. I loved watching this again!!! Wonderful video!!!! Thanks for sharing!
    Sherrill Graff late night stamper

    We love you JEAN!

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