Decor Elements grow on you – Growth Chart ideas – Part 2


Decor Elements grow on you – Growth Chart ideas – Part  Two (continued from Saturdays post)

Growth Chart - Decor Element

As featured in Saturdays post this  very fun Growth Chart was shown in various ways as used in people’s homes and studio’s. 

This special limited edition Decor Element is currently featured in Stampin’ Up’s Just for Fun promotion (see sidebar buttons for details) and is only available until September 30th,  I thought I would share with you what a number of people have chosen to do with it.  From crafters to teachers to parents wanting to measure their kids – quite a few creative uses have been found. 

SU was good enough to share these ideas with demo’s on the demo website  ( Just another benefit to signing up! ) so I thought I would share them with you as well.

Whether you have children or not the following ideas will hopefully spark your own ideas of how to use this terrific new product in new ways.

If you are interested and would like to order this Chart or other Just for Kids promo items please call or email me before September 30th.




Here’s the second set of ideas and pictures showing what other demo’s and their customers have come up with (click on the pictures for close ups):


Ideas for Marking Heights

Alana Jean-Louis, a demo from Edmonton, Alberta, uses the Décor Elements sheets (page 158 of the Idea Book & Catalog), the My Way punch (item #110709), and the White Gel pen (item # 105021)to create height markers for her Growth Chart and write in the dates of measurement.



Julienne Davison, an executive from Illinois, put her Growth Chart up in her playroom, and uses the cute birds made with the Birds & Blooms Sizzlit die (item #113485) to track her kids’ growth.


“Since my growth markers are movable,” she says, “I plan to take photos of the children at various milestones and then record the date and measurement in a ‘Watch me Grow’ mini book.”

 CU_growthchart_01[1]               CU_growthchart_02[1]


Great School Products!

Dale Abraham, a demo and second-grade teacher from  Louisiana, reports, “Everyone at my school decorates their classroom doors, so I decided to use the growth chart on mine.

This was the first Décor Element I had put up . . . and I’m hooked!”

 Here’s how Dale plans to use the growth chart at her school:


“On the first day of school, I always take a picture of each student . . . so I will take it in front of the growth chart. At the end of the year, I’ll take a second picture and send both of them home with our last writing project which will be a book about how they have grown to be better students during the year.

I also plan to use the growth chart during Math and let the students compare the length and height of various objects. I’m going to invite other classes to send their tallest and shortest students to be measured on our door, and we’ll compare the differences to the tallest and shortest in our room.”

“Since my main focus is getting my students to be better readers, I also plan to use the chart to graph the number of books they have read at home . . . so I will be putting other numbers where the metric ones were and adding student names and small punched shapes to the door to show how many books they read.”

“Last but not least, my new door decoration has already had lots of comments and questions about where I got it. It’s a great conversation starter!”


Now those are what I call creative ideas!   I’d love to hear how you are currently or  might eventually want to use this limited edition Decor Element in your lives.  Leave me a comment and I’ll pass it on to Stampin’ Up!

Only one more day till the Holiday mini goes live!   I’m hoping I still have some finger nails left by then.  So many exciting new product and product lines.   And of course over the next few weeks you can count on me to bring you some fresh ideas, links to inspiration and crafty and frugal uses for many of these new items.    Tomorrow being another Tightwad Tuesday post and the first day of the mini you just know the featured under $20 set is going to be a new one!!  Check back to see which one and enjoy a few new tips and ideas.

Happy Monday ya’ll with hugs and blessings – Jean


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  1. Just want to give you a little pat on the back, Jean- I’ve taken the Happy Holidays Blog Hop after your reminder- and of course ENJOYED! These pictures you’ve posted about uses for the growth chart are marvelous- if I was teaching Elementary classes, I’d so be putting up one on my door! I’m trotting over to the local DayCare-where I worked for many years- and see if they wouldn’t want to have one – it would be put to good use, I think!
    Thanks again, Jean, for all your sharing. I also love your “ramblings!”

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