More Sunday Musings

Hi All,
And a blessed Sunday and end of week (or beginning depending on your calendar and view of life :D). 
Had a lovely surprise this week.  Totally out of the blue a prayer group friend from twenty plus years ago contacted me.  The funny thing was I had just come across some old photos and had been wondering what he and his wife were up to these days.  Funny how items and people from the past walk right into the present when we least expect it.  Being a bit of a pack rat I’ve held on to lists of prayer group participants and their addresses and phone numbers from the last 30 years or more as well as old address books from my childhood and any number of other bits of ephemera with long out of date information.  While they do take up space I suppose the ties those old pieces of paper have to memories are often priceless.  Reminders to pray for people I haven’t thought of in years or whose names I’ve forgotten also spark pleasant memories that make me feel good and of course remind me once again to pray for them (always a good thing).    And now in the days of the Internet I sometimes think I should see if I can find any of them and see how their lives have turned out.  The pleasure I had in talking to Charlie today may just be the boot I need to get started on that.  So pack rats of the world unite and use your collection to create new and even better memories.  After all at 51 someday may not be around much longer so I better get started on that someday list before it’s too late.
And for another reminder I was visiting this post on a fellow demo’s blog earlier this week and found another reminder of those someday plans in need of present fulfillment. – Seeing this I knew it should be shared.  Not only is the Cards for Heroes a very worthwhile organization but in reading this it reminded me of the difference we can make in peoples lives by a personal gesture, word or even a handmade card that comes from the heart.


As August is drawing to a close and with it the unofficial end of Summer (technically and astronomically Fall doesn’t start until September 21 or 22 I can never remember which  :D) I’ve been looking back and appreciating the warmth, the lazy days and the sense that there was all the time in the world to accomplish something or nothing.   Something about being able to read on the front porch at 9 at night without a light adds to that timeless sense.  And while you got a tast of my complaining about 110 degree heat I did appreciate the days that hovered in the 80’s and made summer rains a delight.   The lightening storms were also fun though thankfully this summer they were less destructive than in the past – at least in my area of the country.  Nothing like lightening and thunder resounding from the hills to remind you of a greater than yourself.   I still remember the legends and myths I read as a child that had many accounts for the thunder.   Basically the Norse or fill in the blank Gods bowling or “throwing” a javelin contest!  

All of these random and “Rogue” thoughts led me to the following….

Now that I’ve been blogging for a little more than a month I find myself thinking of life and pretty much every thing I see in terms of blogability!  Is that weird or what!  Kind of like all the things that also filter through in terms of card designs or use in art of one kind or another.  So with that in mind I found this picture on Photobucket  in a Google search of public domain Summer images and paired it with a prayer from my favorite eCard site found here.

 I’ll leave you with this image and prayer that I offer for us all as we turn to a new season.  And as always remember that prayers like God are without time limits so consider it a retroactive one to bless your Summers past, present and future.


Summer Vacation

May we renew ourselves through this time of rest.
May we be recreated.
May we find joy and peace…

The Blessing Cup:
Prayer-Rituals for Families and Groups


Hugs and Blessings my dear friends – Jean




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