Reminder Post: Stampin’ Addicts Holiday Mini Catalog Blog Tour

Coming to  computer screens… the Stampin’ Addicts  Holiday Mini Catalog Blog Tour will run from noon  Saturday August 29th through midnight on Monday, August 31st.  The full itinerary stop by stop has now been posted on my blog tour page so that if you miss any of the 22 blog stops along the way you can return again and again for inspiration even after the tour has ended!      The Tour begins here.

Stampin Addicts large holiday hop badge

As a reminder I’ll leave this at the top of myblog until the tour begins.  For more details check out my August 24th post or the blog tour page.  For newer posts scroll on down.  – Jean


2 Responses

  1. Jean, thank you for your sweet comment on my stop of the blog hop! You were wondering about the White M&M’s. Well, I live in Dover, DE, and we don’t have any candy stores (that I know of) and I wanted the candy to be white. Well, as luck would have it, Wal-Mart here carries some EXPENSIVE solid color containers of M&M’s – they’re all one color. They were in the candy isle. While they were pricey, I just couldn’t bear to fill the see-through matchbox with any of the regular colors, even picking out one color from a big bag, so I splurged and got them. But, I have LOTS left-over to use in future matchboxes!! 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thank you so much for supporting this blog hop!!

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