New Feature: Frugal Friday – Budget stamp sets with links for inspiration


 With all the recent difficult economic news and my own thrifty nature coming to the fore I decided this would be a good time to create a regular feature (Frugal Friday) showcasing moderately (and some downright cheap :D) priced stamps.  

With so many under $20 stamps in the new catalog I may have to make this a more than once a week feature in order to get through in less than a year.  Especially if I include the mini’s!  

The new holiday mini due to be released on September 1 has 19 stamping items under $20 if you include the 3 new wheels and 2 new hostess sets.   I always include the hostess sets since you can earn them for free!  Can’t get any more under $20 than free right???    And I might add that there are 3 sets that only missed by less than a dollar!  With the mini coming in at 40 pages that’s almost 1 under $20 for every other page!


Stampin’ Up!  in the main catalog currently offers over 150 stamps and stamp sets under $20 and thats not counting the wheels!   Talk about a deal!  If you would like to see a complete list click here for the PDF and here  for the spreadsheet  to view or download your own personal copy. 
And what deal would be complete without inspiration for it’s use.  So with each featured stamp will come a set of links to other bloggers wonderful creations.  To see an even larger list I’ll let you in on one of my favorite Google tips.
Tip:When Googling for inspiration I discovered that if I use a search string including the stamp name, stampin up and the word blog I’ll come up with a wonderful set of links.  Granted in the nature of information retrieval sometimes there will be links that don’t relate but by and large I find a wonderful collection of pages and pages of entries. 
So for example the following links were found using the following search string:
Tree Trimmings Stampin up blog
Another side benefit to such Googling is that I find blogs I never knew existed.   A bit like Christmas every day!  New goodies to unwrap and enjoy right at my fingertips.

 Featured stamp set:  Tree Trimmings ($14.95,  Order # 116722,  Pg. 28 IBC)

Tree Trimmings Stamp Set
At just under $15 this lovely new stamp set has lots of possibilities.  Though labeled as a two step stamp set this set is different from most other two steps.   While most two steps use layered images this one is two step only in the sense of stamping first the string and then the ornament.  
Besides stamping on cards you can also create your own 3D ornaments for hanging on your own tree.  Stamp images on cardstock, color then trim and mount back to back or with a very small box sandwiched in between to hold a little treat.  The larger stamp can also have a small circle punched out thus providing a space for someones picture or if threaded between you can remount the circles as a spinner of sorts.  You can also punch a hole in these 3D ornaments at the bottom and thread beads and pearls from the pretties kit to dangle from the bottom.
I might also add that you can use this also as a general image and not always as a Christmas ornament.  The largest stamp in particular has an almost damask type quality that would make it perfect for a watermarked background.  The longer I look at the design the more I see in it.   At first glance I see roses and swirls of stylized clouds or wind and birds.  When I look at the bottom section I see either a stylized lion’s face or some native type Maori or other tribal type facial image.   So what do you see?   
As you will see from some of the examples some clever bloggers have used this set to create topiaries as well as ornaments.  So while this appears in the holiday section of the catalog it is possible you will find many other uses.  You might even consider using the striped one as a barber pole or piece of candy!

Links to Inspiration: – boy do I miss that paper but the layout is the main thing as the DSP can be easily substituted. – again its the layout that counts – splitcoaststampers gallery for this set


Hope you enjoy this new feature.   And of course if you would like to order this set or any other please contact me or your own demo for details and any specials.  After all if you can get a cheap set at a discount so much the better right??   And of course don’t forget that Google is a gateway to inspiration.  Check it out for yourself – you will be glad you did!

Hugs and blessings – Jean


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