Control Freaks August Blog Tour begins today!

Hi All,

Just a quick reminder that the monthly Control Freaks Blog Tour begins today!

This month’s Control Freak’s Blog tour features the new In Colors for 2009-2010.  There are 13 stops along the way and you can start at your own convenience as the links will be left in place.   I’ll be adding the links to the Blog Hop tab at the top of the page at some point so that you can always go back and find the links there when ever you want to check this tour out.

The starting point can be found here on Dawn Olchefske’s blog.  Be sure to leave a comment as Dawn is sharing her creative projects as a prize for one lucky stamper.   You will have to check out the rest of the sites to see who else is offering a prize.  After all you wouldn’t want me to spoil any surprises now would you?

And speaking of surprises…for the non demo’s among you the Holiday mini is only 11 days away from going live.   From what I’ve seen so far its the best yet!   I’ll be posting a link so you can download it on the 1st.   However if you would like to have early access you can  take advantage of our latest discounted demonstrator sign up.  Email me today if you would like to join my team.   For details you can click on the badge in my sidebar.

Hugs and blessings – Jean

PS:  Here’s a link to previous Control Freaks Tours –

Have I mentioned you are in my guys eat grass right.

Have I mentioned you are in my guys do eat grass right?

And at 106 degrees heat today this was the image I tried to keep in mind all day.  Now granted I’ve never seen a critter like this in my yard but I can easily see Sandycat in this role (actually I think she’s smarter than that but one never knows what effect heatstroke might have on a cat’s imagination).  Found this on my Google funny cat pictures widget and just thought the “dog” days of August was the right time to share it!


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