Big Shot: Multipurpose Platform (MPP) – a closer look

Hi All,

For those of you contemplating the purchase of Stampin’ Up!’s Sizzix Big Shot die cutting machine I thought I would give you a closeup of the wonderful Multipurpose Platform (MPP) that is included.  With this wonderful tool you have the basic sandwich guide for any number of types of dies and embossing tools right at your fingertips.   No need to look for a manual as it’s built right in!


Sizzix MPP - No Tab

Sizzix MPP - No Tab

 The various sandwiches are illustrated in the pictures on the various tabs.  And the various tab settings allow for extra thickness to make the sandwiches work.  Basically built in “shims”. 

What’s a shim you ask? 

 Any material you add to make the sandwich thicker is a shim.   Such as a sheet of cardstock or chipboard or the thin plastic sheets that come with the Standard Crease Pad (of course you can make your own from an acetate sheet if you inadvertently threw the shims out thinking they were part of the packing material :D).

Why do you need shims?

Due to slightly variable manufacturing tolerances each machine is slightly different from its brothers and sisters and also over time the machine will loosen up just a bit depending on use and the thickness of sandwiches and types of materials used.  Shims are used to add tiny amounts of thickness to compensate and give you the embossed image you want or the cleanest cuts and creases possible.   Since each machine is different all sandwiches are a basic guide and you will have to experiment a bit to see what works for your particular machine.   Thus there is no wrong sandwich per se (unless of course someone lists the wrong plates to use to begin with :D) just one that may or may not work as advertised for your machine.   One important thing to remember about shimming is less is more.  Start thin!   Like microwaving you can always add more but you don’t want to break your lovely new tool right out of the starting gate.    If the pressure as you roll the sandwich through is too light add a bit more shim.  If too tight and you are struggling to move it through back off and remove something and then try again.


Sizzix MPP - Tab 1

Sizzix MPP - Tab 1


Added note:  Many of the items shown in the sandwiches such as crease pads, texturz plates, silicone rubber, etc. are accessory items and do not come with the basic Big Shot package.   The basic package includes the Machine, the MPP, a set of standard cutting pads (add a die and you are ready to go!) and of course if you buy it from me or another Stampin’ Up! demo lots and lots of help and guidance as you explore the crafting possibilities of this big bad Big Shot!  Most of us even offer clubs so you can enjoy the fun with others or even offer the option to purchase your new tool on an installment plan.   If that sounds interesting to you email me (or your usual dem0) or give me a call!   Don’t forget to ask about my monthly special and which die I’m giving away with a Big Shot machine purchase.


Sizzix MPP - Tab 2

Sizzix MPP - Tab 2

 For your convenience and to provide a more readable view of all images I’ve  added a PDF document showing all three images in one 2 page print out to (larger and easier to read than my posted images) my Scribd document files available for download.  Click here to go directly there.   Once there you will see that I have also created an entire Big Shot folder of helpful downloads.  There is also a Big Shot tab at the top of my blog that while still under construction has a few helpful links and tips listed.


If you have other topics you would like to see covered leave me a comment or email me and I’ll put it in the queue.


Hugs and blessings – Jean







2 Responses

  1. Hi Jean!
    I’ve just had a lovely time prowling through your blog. It’s excellent! I admire those of you who can put together such professional looking efforts! If you don’t mind, I’m going to pass your blog name? address? to some stampers I know- they’ll love to tap into all the interesting blogs you suggest visiting.
    I hope your house sale goes smoothly- oh, I don’t envy you the joy of sorting, packing, moving…I’ll probably never do that- I hope**. Thanks for sharing, and keep up the great work! I’ll be back often!

  2. […] so will I get in trouble for linking my own post?  😀  – This features a PDF you might find helpful if you are contemplating a Big Shot but don’t have your own just yet.  It shows the pictures for sandwiches on the Big Shot  Multi Purpose Platform. […]

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