One month of blogging – Wow!


Blogging is like……

It just feels so good



Hi All,

Cat at the computer

A friend just reminded me that today was one month since I started blogging on July 18th!  Wow!  How time flies.

A big heartfelt thank you to all of you who have made this a fun ride over the last 30 days.   The cats thank you too and in honor of the occasion thought I should share a catly funny I found over on Michelle Zindorf’s blog today (see her post here for some inspiration too).  I’m hoping the subject isn’t their own comment on blogging and the time I spend on the computer!   Metaphorically speaking when I first tried to get a blog started a year ago I did have that reaction.   I surely thought I had stepped in something!   Having since figured it out however it’s fun, addicting, creatively inspiring and the friendships formed as a result are simply amazing!  Stampers are indeed the best friends a girl can have (oops better not let the cats read that sentence!).

So here’s Sandycat and Wickets contribution to the celebration….




Trust me Michelle – Bear poop is so much worse as my kitties can attest!  It’s not only more indestructible than toxic waste (and lasts almost as long), it has super glue properties the FDA is afraid to test!  😀

Hmmm…now that I think about it do blog celebrations, cat pictures and poop stories really go together!    In the Rogue Valley the answer is a resounding YES!   That’s life and nature as lived in the Rogue!

So what’s the story behind the story…….

A year or so ago  I had a juvenile bear (gotta love those teenagers) who decided my rock drive area was the perfect rest stop.   I have to say that other than the toxic poop he didn’t cause any trouble or get into trash or anything else so for a teenager was fairly well mannered.  Just pooped and moved on. 

The problem…..well it turns out that bear scat is very dense very glue-like and more or less like smallish cow pats that nothing can melt or wash away.   That winter was a fairly intense one with lots of blizzards, rain, hail, etc. and yet nothing effected the scat (a girl can only use the p word so much :D).  I even tried moving the stuff with a shovel and ended up with a shovel that was no longer good for anything!   So what did I finally do??  After a year of aging I was finally able to dig a hole next to each pat of scat and using newspaper rolled the whole mess into each hole and recovered with rocks.   I’m really hoping the EPA doesn’t come after me and also hoping this doesn’t count as something I have to disclose now that the house is on the market.  😀   Luckily the bears seem to have moved on to greener pastures (or better berry bush areas anyway) so hopefully no one will be the wiser!

Funny as this all sounds (hopefully anyway) it did have one positive effect.  I now always use a flashlight when going out to the well house in the middle of the night (another country fun time experience.  When the water goes off you don’t call the city you wander out to the pump house and deal with it yourself.)  Once was enough for stepping in the toxic stuff so at least now I don’t have to worry about running into skunks, raccoons, or tripping on branches left in the drive now that I always have a light on hand!  And you really don’t want to know what Sandy had to say when she inadvertentlygot some of the sticky stuff on her fur.   Ever since then she’s been very reluctant to follow me out to the pump house at night!   My theory is if she can make friends with a skunk (and she has) what’s a little toxic poop between fellow furred beings??    And no I’m not even going to consider using this as a new crafting medium or make my million dollar fortune selling it as a new and better adhesive.   After all who wants to craft wearing a clothespin on ones nose!    And in the time capsule department does any one else remember the show Northern Exposure where some kind of animal dung was used to cure their version of Swine flu??   Hmmm…possibilities there perhaps?

Hugs and blessings my friends – Jean


2 Responses

  1. Jean, I feel your pain!! I have a DH and 2 teenage boys–the discussion of poop is very popular in my home! I guess the mind of boys never change…Keep up the great blog I love reading about your dear cats!

  2. Jean, I rolled with laughter on this story… and loved the pic. I was wondering if you had found this website…. as you know… we are both kitty lovers and I thought you would appreciate this
    I love visiting your site, it makes me smile every day – thanks for taking the time that you do to share your thoughts. Good luck with the sale of the house and I promise I wont tell anyone about the scat and the newspaper 🙂
    and…. thanks for calling out some of my creations this week – that really means a lot.
    lots of hugs and good luck with the house sale

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