Hola! And Sunday blessings…..

Hi All,

Welcome to another Sunday of odd thoughts and perusing of  the blogways.  As some of you have noticed (thanks for the emails filled with love and concern my dear friends) I’ve been a tad absent from the airways and various forums where I’m usually found.   Partly Internet issues and partly health and a whole lot of getting the house ready for sale (boy do the cats hate that part).  Likely to be a bit sparse this week as well or at least slow in coming as the recent seizures have left my right hand a tad on the paralysed side so typing is a bit slow.

Anyhoo…after being more or less off line for more than a week I was catching up on my blog update emails and other letters and guess what I found.  A hop in progress!!  And not just any hop but a cardmaking “BACON” hop!   You heard me right.   Some bacon crazy papercrafters (SU demo’s too!) have set up a hop to glorify all things bacon.    Now I’m as crazy about bacon as the next person but I have to wonder what someone was sniffing (or dreaming) when they thought of this one.    I know I sound like I’m scoffing but really you have to check this out!  The cards are amazing and the stories are hilarious.  Some good videos and recipes too.  Who knew we were a nation of bacon crazies.   I should probably mention that this whole thing started on Twitter!   Kinda fits doesn’t it.  Twitter (eggs) and Bacon!   Perfect Sunday morning fare!  If you are interested here’s the starting line spot: 


There are 8 stops so not a real time cruncher but I guarantee that you will be hungry for bacon before the end so if you don’t have any in the house you might want to make a run to the market before you start.   Enjoy!

On another note:

Thank you to all of you who wrote or commented and shared your own cat stories.  It appears my girls have lots of look alike relatives out there.  Many of whom share Sandy’s rescue kitty status as well.    Nice to know that so many of us have more than just stamping in common.   Those who share the love of animals (cats in particular as we know that they are very discriminating animals :D) have loving hearts that reach out and  a special bond not only with their fur friends but with others who love animals as well.  We are sisters under the skin indeed (or is that fur?).  

The wonderful reception of the cats pictures seems to have evoked quite a change in my little fur babies.  Last night and this morning they actually posed for pictures!!  Yikes I think I’ve created monsters.   Give a cat a tad bit of Internet fame and they totally change their personalities????  What’s up with that.  Next thing you know they’ll be letting me give them a bath!  Not that I really think there is any danger of that happening!   For those of you who can’t handle furry cuteness feel free to avert your eyes and scroll on down.   For those who want closeups just click on the picture for a closer look at the furry cuteness.

Sandycat –  here stretching in her I’m a model routine.  Pardon the full frontal shots 😀


Wicket has a bit more self control but can’t quite bear to watch the proceedings.


Please note that Sandy was kind enough to leave the bed (see her pillow in the background) so Wicket could have her own moment to shine.    The moment didn’t last long though.  Shortly after these were taken a steeplechase was in progress while they worked out the willies raised by the unusual behavior.  Not sure who won as it wasn’t a photo finish!


And under the heading of….you know your  famous when…….

I opened my email and lo and behold what was waiting for me….

“Michelle Zindorf  is following you on Twitter”   

WOW!  I was absolutely speechless!  Okay for about 3 seconds and then I had to call my friend and Upline Cheryl and just casually mention that one of our stamping goddesses was now following little old me on Twitter!   Boy do I really have to start putting something up there now.   And yes I could hear my Mom telling me that ladies don’t brag!  

 Thanks Michelle for making my day!  Now please, please, please come to Southern Oregon to teach one of your phenomenal brayer workshops.   My friend Peggy (hi Peggy) and fellow SU demonstrator just took one of Michelle’s beginning classes on the East Coast and was wowed.   I’m turning green with envy at this very moment just thinking about it.  If you haven’t checked out Michelle’s work you can find her amazing artistry and blog here.  You’ll never look at your brayer the same way again!

Thanks for checking in and I hope your Sunday was filled with blessings and love and family time (yes those of us with cats and no kids are still a family) and hopefully a chance to be creative. 

Hugs and blessings – Jean


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