Hi All,

I hope you are all having a blessed Sunday.  

When I was growing up Sunday’s big deal was family dinner with pot roast and Yorkshire pudding and any number of other good things.    And sometimes we went out to a nice restaurant to give us kids practice at being polite in public.  When my Grandmother visited it was often a Chinese restaurant and I used to ask my Mom what was the polite way to use chopsticks and then proceeded to mortify her by asking the waiter to put butter and sugar on the rice for me!  😀    Other times it was Luigi’s Italian Restaurant that had the most amazing veal parmageana – pizza was considered impolite to order but try explaining that to a 6 year old who rarely saw such a delicacy (funny how I still can picture that place 40+ years later).    Church was sometimes in the picture but didn’t really become the center of my life until much later in my teens when somewhat to the consternation of some of  my family (we were raised Unitarian) I set out on a journey to become a Catholic.    It occurred to me today that Sunday Mass (or any other Sabbath service) is much like a family meal.  It’s special  and one for which we (hopefully) dress up and remember our manners.  One where the entire family/community comes together to share a special time and place and meal that feeds us in many ways and prepares us for the week ahead.    Each Sunday I am blessed to be with brothers and sisters many of whom I don’t know except for that weekly exchange but with whom I share a Father’s love, a Mother’s blessing and example and a brother who laid down his life for us all.    Now that’s what I call a Sunday dinner!   I hope you shared just such a meal with those you love today……


Several of you have asked me for pictures of my little fur face darlings so you can put faces to the stories.   Luckily with the latest heat wave I’ve actually been able to get a few pictures.   Normally my little guys run when they see a camera or cell phone.   Not sure what that is all about but most of my cat pictures if you can call them that are of  lumpy bumps under the covers or glowing eyes under the furniture and little else.   With the temps in the 110 degree vicinity though I got a few pictures though with mostly long suffering expressions.DCP00934   

So without further ado here’s Wicket and yes she’s named after the Ewok in Return of the Jedi.  When she was born she looked more like a little bear than a cat and bore a very distinct likeness to what was then one of my favorite characters.   Though as she grew up she morphed more into a Princess Leia type.  Hard to believe her mother was an all black cat!

DCP00940Something about the pink blanket brings out more of the tan and orange.  Funny too that as she’s gotten older she’s lost more of her black and instead of turning gray like her person is slowly doing she is turning orange!  Very embarrassing to her when anybody comments on it as it is altering her perfect Harlequin look that she has had for 14 years!.

 Next up is Sandycat my domesticated feral rescue kitty and mechanical wonder cat. DCP00937  Can you tell she is less than impressed with the whole Internet pin up angle I tried to explain to her.  On the other hand the tower kind of hides her whole 15 pounds.









DCP00938Don’t you love the whole cat thing of “if my eye’s are closed you can’t see me!”   At least when her eyes are closed Sandy is a whole lot less likely to get into trouble or give her sister Wicket grief!   Also hard to believe that she used to fit into the palm of my hand.  As a baby kitten of 6 weeks she barely filled my hand and her favorite resting place back then was either under my chin or tucked under my hair at the back of my neck!   Hard to believe too that at 8 years old she is now considered a senior cat.  Too bad she wouldn’t let me show off her cafe au lait belly with it’s tiger/leopard mix markings.   But she declined any full frontal shots :D!

Sorry no action shots but at 110 degrees we are all taking it easy.  A little reading, a little napping and a wee bit of Internet surfing and now a bit of blogging and that’s pretty much it.   If this keeps up much longer I may have to rethink the whole studio out back of the garage idea as the house stays a wee bit cooler.  On the other hand not having stamping equipment in the house means no kitty interference or paw prints in multi colors spread throughout the place!  I’m firmly convinced that Sandy could operate my Big Shot if she was of a mind to.   She certainly tried to crank the handle once I had it unpacked and everything attached.   Hmm….maybe I should offer her a guest blogging spot.   I wonder what stamps she would choose or would she go totally inkless!  Maybe rub ons instead?

No matter what the thermometer says hug the ones you love whether they be fur or human. 😀

Ether hugs and blessings to you all – Jean


2 Responses

  1. Jean, your furballs are gorgeous. I love calicos. Sadly, they are statistically the least adopted kittens and yet they are fabulous. I have a rescue one of my own. Thanks for sharing… and for sharing the story of your Sundays!

  2. Hi Jean, thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks like you have two very lovely kitties. I have a big black cat named Sam who I love dearly. He was 8 months old when he came to live with us (a rescue kitty) several years ago and he is the sweetest boy. Unfortunately, he is also a bit porky, my husband says I have to take him to the vet next time since it is my fault. Oh well and so life goes.

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