Random thoughts on this thing called blogging

A few random observations about blogging as I’ve experienced it so far…..

It’s been two weeks today since I started and a few things still have me giggling as well as raising my eyebrows.

While I’m loving the relative versatility of the WordPress visual interface (considering its a free service and all) I’ve come across a few weird bits here and there.

This is a blogging engine right?   So why is it that the spellchecker on my blog doesn’t recognize the following words:

blog, blogging, blogger, blogosphere, hit, Photoshop, Google  and oh so many others….

(Google and Blog and it’s derivations really blow me away!   After all where would blogging be without those very special words.  Hmmm….perhaps if I offered them a dictionary of Internet related terms.)

Not to mention really basic words like the, with, etc seem to be unknown at least some of the time.  Basically anything with a th at the end and sometimes the beginning! 

Those seem like pretty basic words to me.   And unlike most other spell checkers while you have the option to ignore a word or ignore all there is no option to Add the word.   Now that’s a spellchecker that’s perfectly happy in it’s ignorance.  Crazy person that I am I actually considered highlighting each of those words and adding a link to them to wickipedia or other source just so the little bugger could learn!   Nope it’s not interested in attending Summer School this year.  Oh well maybe it’s more into HTML than the English Language arts!

Other observations…..

Blogging is addicting.  Whether anyone is reading or not -and thanks to all of you who are – the temptation is there to want to share, share, share.   Especially when you are an info nut like me who loves to share the wealth of learning that comes through my screen daily.  

Easy too to get caught up in the ether world to the exclusion of the real world.   I’m understanding some of my favorite Sci-Fi more and more.   I don’t know how may of you remember the show SeaQuest but they had a great episode where the very cool submarine gets thrown ahead into a very weird future where everyone stayed locked in their rooms permanently online and all contact was virtual.  Granted the virtual reality was out of this world but the upshot was that computers were running things and the humans what few were left (after all virtual sex produces no babies!) had no idea what real contact was about.    So perhaps it’s not such a bad thing that my little blogging engine can’t define blog and Google.  Maybe that’s an indication that it still puts value on the real world instead of the virtual one and that WordPress has no plans to separate us all into our own little self contained box worlds. 

Hmm….time for a walk along the river.  Any one want to join me in the real world :D!

Hug the ones you love – Jean


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