Laughter is good for the soul and for the stamp collection :D

Hi All,

Well I found the camera and then had to find some batteries and then discovered I really suck at taking pictures with my 10 year old digital camera.   The folding light booth when I get it built should help but at the moment my stamp studio is over 100 degrees inside so I’m really not that motivated to get my homemade set up made up so for today here is what’s on offer…..another fun RAK …this time from Lydia over at Understand Blue.  If you haven’t found her blog yet you really should.  Wonderful cards, crazy sense of humor and of course cats!  Two very cool cats who get their paws into everything she does (not to mention having their claws thoroughly hooked into her heart).   Lydia’s other blog Project Reanimate is right up my alley.  Remaking and reusing common everyday items to create very cool art.   Particular sly humor attaches to her use of magazines that were once trees being turned into paper tree’s in a forest!  Talk about reanimation!  And her latest take on fairy tales is amazing (see that here).

That same thought process applies to making everyday objects fun and the presentation just as fun.       Lydia's Make me Laugh RAK 001A RAK  I received from Lydia is a perfect case in point.  Lydia has a Make Me Laugh Monday thing going from time to time on her blog.  And the winner generally receives a fun RAK of some kind.  Now many bloggers would just drop the prize in an envelope and that would be that.   Lydia on the other hand makes the process as fun for the mail people as the recipient.   See the tree from Branch Out on the box?  Well Lydia covered 4 sides of the box with this lovely tree and fun smile on top of the box too!    And that’s just the outside.  Inside I found a fun Fresh-Cut Notes card from Stampin’ Up (catalog pg. 168) with a sweet message and also a smile stamp from one of SU’s incentive stamp sets available for demo’s use (one of many fun demo only items available when you join SU).

The box is now proudly sitting on my shelf and I smile evertime I see it.   Has me thinking ahead to Christmas and all those other occasions when I send out packages.  After all stamps aren’t only for cards right??  

Thanks Lydia for the reminder!  And for adding smiles to my day too!

Hugs and blessings to you all – Jean


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