The Stamping Addict Poem – sound familiar?

This lovely piece was shared with me by a sister demo Barbara Story (Thanks Barbara!).  Barbara tells me that she received this as a swap many years ago.  Apologies for no attribution or credit – the swap had no distinguishing marks other than laughter inducing text and beautiful stamping!

If Sandycat and Wicket were feeling talkative they could tell you just how accurate this poem is when it comes to our house!  If only they had the bucks to hire a maid!!  Sadly cute and cuddly(on their own terms of course) just doesn’t buy what it used to and mice appear to have gone down in value too :D.


The Stamping Addict Poem

Barbara was also kind enough to type up the poem as a word file  that I have added to the downloads on the right hand sidebar.   And if you want to run it through your printer with Stampin’ Up! colors there is also a chart available for download with the RGB codes as well.


Hug the ones you love (with or without fur :D) – Jean


2 Responses

  1. Hi Jean
    Great site! OK… .so…. who knows me well enough to have written a poem about me….. well, except for the fact that my DH didn’t find a maid! Love it!

    You are right. Blogging is addictive. Having a blog gives me a really good excuse to make even more creative projects. My excuse? Well, I really need to keep my blog up to date, so please could you make supper hubby, whilst I go “work”!

    Peace and happy crafting!

  2. […] Barb is the same lady who shared this wonderful Stampin’ Addict Poem creation I highlighted here in an earlier post. I love our current set of In Colors and though I’m going to miss Dusty […]

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