It’s Sunday….cats, blog hops and have I mentioned the heat!

Hi All,  

And a blessed Sunday to you all (at least it still was when I thought I had this set to post).  

….we interrupt this blog hopping weekend for the following whine, winge and complaint……  

Okay, will somebody please turn the heat off!!  As in yesterday if not sooner! 

Have I mentioned that I..AM..Not..A..Summer..Person??  I haven’t?  Well let me tell you…I’m not – case closed! 😀   Okay, in winter I do love my heat although being the good little conserver that I am I rarely indulge myself or the cats.  Sandycat has currently assumed the summer heat stroke position and I’m contemplating joining her.  She stretches out across the top level of her cat tower and lets everything hang over the edge (somehow she missed the science class about hot air rising) panting and sighing and rolling her eyes or using that silent oh so pathetic “can’t you see I’m suffering here” look that cats do so well. 

That’s when she isn’t sitting under the thermostat crying for me to please come turn the A/C on!  Funny that she’s figured out that in Winter if she does this the heat comes on and in Summer when she does this the cool air comes out.  Or at least she can hope for that outcome anyway.  That’s one smart cat!  I dread the day she learns how to drag a chair over so she can reach it herself.  You may think that’s wishful thinking on my part but I assure you it’s entirely within the realm of possibility.   As is the whole pushing buttons thing to make stuff happen.   

This is the same cat who has learned to move a lightweight rocking chair around the living room not to mention dragging canes and crutches as if she was a tiger dragging an antelope and placing them firmly under the bed in the exact center of the mattress making it nearly impossible for me to reach them without said cane or crutch to hook them with!  And buttons…boy does this cat love buttons.  From light switches to TV remotes to keyboards (have I mentioned she knows the hotkeys that cause the most trouble!) and telephones and answering machines her paw or nose does it all. 

Ah well enough crying…… Back to our regular programming……  

If you haven’t yet taken the Catty Cruise (main page here ) you really, really should.  These ladies have pulled out all the stops and are showing us what a blog tour (oops I meant cruise) really should look like.  Clean neat and WoW projects and only 12 sites to visit – trust me not a dud in the bunch!  Lots of tips and inspiration.  I’m looking forward to going back for the tutorials promised by many of the bloggers for later in the week.  I’ve attached a breakdown sheet of featured items and the post addresses at the bottom of the blog hop tab up top so you can take the tour at your leisure just in case the links are broken later. 

And don’t forget that the Royal Blog tour is starting today as well.  So far what I’ve seen is great!   And if  blog candy, medival lingo and a free Big Shot is your thing then check it out here.  If my Internet stays up in all this heat I’ll let you know how it went though with 4 tours I may not get an itinerary sheet done.  Much as I love to hop, with 3 separate sets of tours having been in evidence in the last couple of days I’m getting just a wee tad burned out and really need to process what all I’ve seen for a bit.  Oh well that’s the Internet for you!  Either feast or famine or as usual down right gluttony on parade somewhere in the world. 

 I am curious though do you think they have hops and tours in China or Russia or other blogging parts of the world?  I know I’ve seen some in Australia and England but haven’t really looked too hard.  After all keeping up with English speaking blogs is hard enough! 😀

Hope your Sunday was wonderful and that your weather was better than mine…anyone want to trade?

Hugs and blessings – Jean

Tomorrow I plan to spend half the day in the studio so should have some cards for you shortly.  I think I may be figuring out the whole camera thing!  I’ve been finding the most amazing links to making your own light booth so that might help.   Stay tuned for more crazy cat tales and hopefully a card or two.


3 Responses

  1. Yay 🙂 congrats on blogging!

  2. Oh 🙂 and tell Sandy cat and wicket to stay cool!

  3. Jean you said it! The heat is something else isn’t it? Drip drip drip<–me with no A/C! heehee ;o) We're not to bad here in Vancouver BC, generally, but our condo gets no air & all sun, so I feel your pain.

    Your blog is gorgeous! Can't wait to take that Catty Cruise & Royal Tour-too fun. Thank you SO much for all the hard work you do!!! You ROCK!

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