500+ hits…A week of blogging…you just know it’s time for some….BLOG CANDY!

Hi All,

Todays a happy, sweet and just a bit sad day for me.   July 25th (1981) is my wedding anniversary and I celebrate it with joy every year.   However 12 years ago my lovely Stephen left for Heaven way too young (he was 42).  Steve died after a short battle with kidney cancer and I’ve since continued on my life’s journey alone.  Not completely alone as I’ve wonderful family and friends and of course my crazy/sweet cat companions (currently Wicket and Sandy) to keep the journey interesting and fun…but…I still miss my other half…the walks and talks and hand holding and silly moments are the things I miss the most.   The funny thing is Wicket who is the last of my cats who knew Steve (she was Daddy’s little Princess!) is also missing him today – she’s spent the day quietly curled up in her pillow staring at his picture and every once in awhile uttering a little sigh (hmmm…sounds familiar) and both cats have even let me rub noses with them (not something they usually put up with) for Eskimo kisses as Steve used to call them.  Amazing how cats tune into our moods or have moods of their own.   So that’s the sad/sweet bit…..

The comments and emails and visits to my new blog are the happy/sweet bits.  Thank you to all who’ve dropped by, written or commented.   I’m still floored that so many people found me before I even told anyone I had a blog.   The miracle of surfing the internet I guess. 

So what is the correct way to announce a blog…any of you Emily Posts out there know?   Does one simply add a tag line to all posts elsewhere, send greeting cards, call everyone you know and shyly admit to joining the blogosphere, put a plug in a demo newsletter or what.   Well okay I basically did all of the above after a couple of days of seeing the hit count mounting up and deciding this was going to be a fun ride after all.  But really I’d like to know…What is the etiquette of blog announcing?   Would taking out a full page ad in the New York Times be over the top?  It would definitely be outside the realm of my reality but I’ve heard a few have done that!  Let me know what you think okay?


500+ hits… a week of blogging…you just know it’s time for some….BLOG CANDY!

YaY sweet stuff!

Now having said that I hope you will realize I’m just getting started on all this blogging bit and am still figuring a few things out.  Like taking a picture of the goodies – LoL! Hmm…where is that camera and how does one take a decent picture without Photoshop and a light booth!  (When I find the camera I’ll edit the post with a picture or maybe I can just toss things on the scanner (?) so you can see the goodies)  So…how about a smattering of stamping bits and bobs ( kinda like my blog!) to help you make a card or two or three.

Here’s what’s in the package of SU goodness:

  • Several Neutral card bases
  • Matching Envelopes
  • Quarter sheet of each of the new In colors for layering and punching
  • a few cut pieces of DSP (retired but still lovely – kinda like yours truly :D)
  • A few die cut & punch pieces
  • an incentive stamp and spot
  • a yard or two of ribbon
  • a smattering of embellishments (buttons, brads, pretties, etc.)
  • And anything else that occurs to me as I’m packing the box hee,hee,hee.

In short a mini stamp kit  –  all you have to add is creativity for some wonderful cards.  

Speaking of which if you are feeling truly wonderful how about making and posting  at least one of these forCardsforHeroes.org a truly worthwhile organization always looking for a few good cards to brighten a service persons day.   Or for that matter send the service person the kit for their fun and enjoyment! (I have the names of some serving demo’s who would love to pass this kind of stuff around to their troops in Iraq and Afghanistan) –  It’s totally up to you!

To enter:

Leave a comment on this post with your email address or other contact info to be entered to win  and I’ll have the Random.org thingy decide the winner on Sunday,  August 9th (comments will close at noon that day) and I’ll announce the winner on Monday.  If you feel like musing on the idea of how to announce a blog I’d love to see the answers.   Actually I’d also love to see any suggestions about what you would like to see here or anything relating to the blog positive or negative.  

And…. Subscribe to my blog by email or reader and if you are the winner I’ll send the goodies in a fun little box for you to enjoy or gift along.

Hugs, blessings and Good Luck!

– Jean

12 Responses

  1. Jean, I love your web site!! So much information to learn from. I check your site every day–kinda like school, what am I going to learn new today??
    Keep up the good work!
    Yours in stamping and smiling:)

  2. Glad to see you’ve finally got your blog up and running, favorites you go.
    We have three things in common I realized after reading your blog, STAMPIN’, Anniversary date, and my dogs name is Wicket.. (Thanx to my son who loves Star Wars, hince Ewok,”Wicket”!!
    Thank you for sharing your talent.
    Fellow blogger, and stamper..

  3. Jean,

    I have added your blog to my favorites. I love all the information you share with us. So many ideas, so little time. LOL! Keep up the GREAT work.


  4. Thanks for all the info, I enjoy your blog as well as all the info you share on SUs site 🙂

  5. Congratulations, Jean, on your blogsite! I’ll be a frequent visitor! It amazes me how you clever people figure these things out!! I also have been enjoying your newsletters- can’t keep up with checking out all the info!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing all the info you gather- I appreciate it.


    • Hi Sharon,

      thanks for the kind words. Turns out that blogging is easier than I thought. Maybe even easier than our DBWS 😀 For me it’s the picture taking. Photoshop is apparantly a necessity but it helps to have a decent picture to start with! Oh well more new things to learn keeps the brain active right? I’ve got you in the drawing. Good Luck!

      Hugs and blessings – Jean

      PS: Luckily the posts pretty much stay there so whenever you look at the links they should still be there. Or you could consider it a smorgasbord much as a person might want to they really can’t eat the whole thing. The lists should hopefully be getting just a tad shorter as I refine my selection process too.

  6. You have an interesting blog! Glad I ran across it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Hi again, friend. I was sorry to hear about the loss of your dear husband. Cats are great company, for sure.

    One way to get others to look at your blog is to post your creations on splitcoast, and have a signature with your blog address there. I get a lot more traffic when I post on splitcoast; I just don’t get to it that often.

    I have added a link to your blog on my blog, so maybe some of my visitors will find their way to you!


  8. Thank you for all of the fantastic information you share! You pour yourself into this; we really appreciate it! 🙂 Warmly, Sara

  9. Hey Jean! I just found your blog while surfing around today. Thanks for putting up all those links. I’m still in the process of looking through most of them lol. Good luck with the blog and congrats on now 1134 hits! I wish you the best and I have added you to my reader. Thanks and take care =)

  10. Thanks for all the notes and great files you have been sending me. This is my first try at reading blogs (I’m a bit slow) and looking at the time, I can see it is addictive! Thanks again for all the great work you do.

    Smiles, Elizabeth.

  11. Jean, congrats on your blog and all the hits! If anybody deserves to have a successful blog it’s you! Thanks for all you do, we really appreciate you and all the great info!
    Hugs! Sandy (not your cat!)

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