News flash just in…..Famous blogger cats celebrate their first birthday!


Cat at the computer

News flash just in…..Famous blogger cats celebrate their first birthday!

Check out Lydia’s – Understand Blue – post here for details.  Then check out this list of posts relating to all Maddie and Splotchy’s crazy doings here.

As a birthday present to the little darlings this post is featuring (okay and begging for – your support )  one of Maddie and Splotchy’s nearest and dearest causes.  M & S were rescued from the streets of Austin, Texas and if they hadn’t ended up with Lydia they could only have dreamed about ending up at “A Place to Bark and Meow” (the meows were recently added due to the support of kind folks like you – hint, hint :D)

If you want to support cat (okay dogs too :D) rescue work and enjoy stamping at the same time check out this fundraiser appeal that lets you do both!

A Place to Bark (and now Meow)  is a wonderful no kill shelter, rescue and adoption facility run by an amazing lady (Hi Bernie!) with a Heart of Gold!

To learn more about them here’s a few places to see love in action:


Bernies Blog

You Tube videos  to warm your heart!  I watch these when I want to feel good and also when I want a laugh or just relief that I don’t have to work this hard! 😀

So…Happy Birthday Maddie & Splotchy (my little fur faces Sandy and Wicket send their greetings too).  It looks like Lydia has you covered so the present  from my end is going to help your extended family of fur faces still looking for a home.   Thanks for being such good little ambassadors for Cats the blogging world over.

Hugs and Blessings – Jean

PS:  Wicket was lucky enough to be born into a long related string of cats in my feline loving family and has never known any other kind of life.  Sandycat is my own little rescue miracle from the mean alleys of Buellton, California.   While the Humane Society in our town did great work finding homes for domesticated kitties in need neither they nor anyone else in town took in ferals as well as domestics until our local co-op of women vets (Buellton Veterinary Clinic) decided to change that.  They provided free spay, free shots and some limited free care for the first year – all I had to do was promise to provide a good home and to be prompt in getting Sandy care during that first year as needed.  Talk about a terrific deal.   Sandy was found in an alley next to her dead mother at 5 weeks.  The Lady vets took her in, cleaned her up, and quarantined her for 2 weeks to make sure she was healthy enough to be adopted.   Then at 7 weeks she fell into my heart and my home with a resounding thump and has been there ever since.   While she’s a feral in her core she is also a loving mostly domesticated and very mechanical cat.   Famous for calling her human grandmother using speed dial, calling China unassisted, operating TV’s, deadbolts and lights and doors of all descriptions she’s also the only cat I know who needs a night lite on inside at night.  Anyone else ever heard of a cat who’s afraid of the dark inside (outside she’s fine!)?  So yes miracles do happen for defenseless animals because of the greatness of love and the strength and determination of the human heart.  Thank you to all the caring individuals like Bernie and my lady vets in Buellton and others around the globe who try to make a difference for all God’s creatures great and small.





Then check out


3 Responses

  1. Ohhh – you are squeezing my heart!!! Thank you for the kind words, and I love the lady that started the feral rescue. Poor little baby cat. Sounds like she is leading a charmed life now!!

    XOXO – I hope you feel better. Email me directly about that, ok?

  2. What a sweet post! M & S are definitely two lucky fur-babies!

  3. […] under very specific circumstances.   Hm…maybe in her pre rescue days (you can see her story here in this earlier post) she had a “toaster” incident in her […]

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