July 2009 Blog Tours still to come – Stampin’ Up! related

Hi All,
Here’s the upcoming list (so far) of blog hops and tours still to come this month.  Most of which will feature Stampin’Up! product exclusively.  
Tour de Freaks Blog Tour (2nd tour begins July 20th):
The 20th of every month is now officially the tour date for a terrific group of 12 stampers and swappers known as the Control Freak Stampers.  The Tour goes by the name of Tour de Freaks Blog Tour and is strictly SU product.  Here’s the link to the beginning of June’s tour in case you missed it (they’ve left the links active so you can do the tour anytime)  – http://gretchenbarron.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/06/its-the-tour-de-freaks.html
Catty Cruise featuring the new SU IBC – begins July 25th:
http://cattycruise.wordpress.com/ – At this link you will find the blogs that will be featured on this tour so you can get a preview of these bloggers work and since bloggers typically step it up for tours etc. make sure and check back the day of the tour.
 LNS Royal Blog Tour – July 26-28: 
Details and blog participant info can be found on the Tours official blog found here – http://royalblogtour.blogspot.com/
Some of my favorite bloggers (yours too I bet) are participating in this tour and this tour site is offering interviews with all participants and looks at some of these bloggers favorite projects as well as general info on the tour.  Check out this wonderfully informative site. 
And if any of you are interested in starting your own dedicated tours or blog hops the experienced Directors of this Tour are also now offering their services to others who want to offer a tour but don’t have the tech skills or know how to pull it off. Information on this can also be found on this site. 

( In the interests of full disclosure I should add that I’m not a member of any of these groups so have no personal stake in the offerings or promotions – I just love the concept of these tours and along with many, many others enjoy the inspiration, project info and chance for blog candy on offer on many of the sites).  Besides who really needs to sleep or eat or….. 😀
Hugs and blessings – Jean


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