Mail from Hawaii!

Wow!   A handmade card all the way from Hawaii arrived in my mailbox the other day and I thought I would share its awesomeness.   One of my new ether buddies Jan Webb (check out her blog here ) appreciated a heads up with some blog issues I sent her way and was kind enough to send this wonderful card as a thank you.

Jan Webb Thank You with Envelope 001

I just had to include the envelope so you could see the Hawaiian post mark, cool stamp (Jan told me Hawaii has the same stamps as the rest of the country but I swear I’ve never seen this one at my post office!)  and the very cool Aloha Jan stamped on the end of the envelope.  Who knew envelopes could be so exciting!!!   Don’t you love the bright new SU In Colors?  I do!  All the bright colors just shout Hawaii to me.   For the details on the card check out Jan’s post here (much better picture too :D).    Thanks Jan for making my day!   How on earth you knew I’m a Big Shot and punch fanatic I’ll never know but this lovely card had it all! 

Note:  I still can’t believe that postage from Hawaii to Oregon is the same as Oregon to California!  Positively amazing!   The phone company could really learn something from that don’t you think?   I’m also tempted to say this didn’t arrive snail mail but instead was “shark” mail.   I really don’t think a snail would have lasted long in the ocean even if it does travel with its own shell.

And….you should have seen the look on Sandycat’s face as she tried to absorb all the different scents in and on the card/envelope.   Jan’s kitty sent her own hello in the shape of a kitty hair which made it all the more endearing.  Don’t know if Sandy was checking out the cat scent, the Island scents or the shark scent but she spent an uncommonly long time checking out every inch and making that “sniffy” tasting the entire world face and running it all across her upper palate.   She finished up with one mighty sneeze (my fault of course or so her look said).

Hugs and blessings sister stampers – Jean


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