Hello world!

Greetings from Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley!  My blogging journey has begun and with Sandycat and Wicketcat looking over my shoulder it should be an interesting experience for us all in every sense of the word.  

Here’s the skinny from my about page that pretty much says it all for those wanting to know:

My name is Jean Fitch (also known as jlfstudio on SCS and various other stamping forums). 

Welcome to the on-line version of my Stamping Studio in the Rogue Valley.   Still something of a newbie to stamping I’vebeen stamping for about 3 years and a Stampin’ Up! Independent Demonstrator for almost 2 of those years now.     I  live  in the rural spaces of the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon and share my living space with two fur faces (of the cat variety) named Sandy and Wicket.  Those of you who subscribe to my demo or customer newsletter have heard the stories of their exploits.  They have since decided that their fame could use a wider stage so they’ve encouraged me to start this blog so they can have their chance at fame and fortune.  Along the way I’ll also be sharing my own and others creations, lots of links to amazing blogs, video’s, tutorials and anything else I can think of.   I hope you will enjoy the journey with me. 

For those of you interested in the personal details:  I’m your basic Caucasian mongrel mix of nationalities, into my 50’s, a Catholic Christian and though a lover of tech and sci-fi, am also a spinner and weaver among other fiber arts and other crafting genres.  My home is filled with books, music, instruments, cat paraphernalia, crafting supplies (especially spinning wheels and looms) and of course the usual accoutrement’s of a confirmed pack rat who also likes to cook, collect folk art, dabble with computers and way too many other things.  Your basic baby boomer still in search of herself and wondering what she’ll be when she grows up.   


Many of you visiting (hopefully some of you are visiting – LoL!) will know me from the Demo Forums on Stampin’ Up!’s  Stampin Discuss forum or from the Demo side of SCS.  A few of you may know me from my SU demo only newsletter that goes out weekly with links to inspiration across the blog world as well as a bit of chat and info from yours truly.

So what can you expect to see here…hmmm….until I get the hang of this blogging, scanning, picture taking uploading thing I have to be honest mostly chat and the odd picture or project or two and hopefully some radically cool items from guest bloggers as well as RAK and some snipped bits from SU among other bits and pieces.   In addition  I will point you to some awesome posting going on out there by other more accomplished bloggers  and a weekly roundup of what I consider some of the best of the best (IMHO – in my humble (or not so) opinion).   

I’m also planning on an Ask the Demo Feature for both customers, stampers and demo’s alike.   Do you have a technique you’ve heard about but can’t find any info on?  Or do you have a general stamping question?   Or are you looking for inspiration for a particular stamp set and don’t know where to look.   Drop me a note with your question and I’ll try to post an answer or a list of links where you can begin your journey of discovery.   And along the way hopefully I’ll be able to teach you how to find that info for yourself  with some easy tips to using Google and other search techniques to find the gold at the end of the blogging rainbow.

And oh yeah the occasional bits of blog candy will be offerred so keep checking back for that.  It’ll be kind of random as are most of my thoughts 😀

So welcome to the new space and feel free to drop me a line. 

Hugs and blessings to you all. – Jean

PS:  Though it might be hard to tell from the lack of badges etc in the sidebars (still figuring those out) I am an Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and would love to add you to my team.   I currently provide virtual support for many “orphan” demo’s but would also love to add any interested stampers to my “official” downline family.   If you are interested please email me using the link on the About Page. 


Email: jlfstudio@charter.net  (for now)


4 Responses

  1. I am so glad you are blogging! At SU I always click on your and Darrah’s names even if the question wasn’t something I was interested in, just to see you answers. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Congratulations Jean! I am so excited that you have a blog site. You always have great information to share and now a place to be published. I love it!

    Way to go!


  3. Welcome to blogland Jean! Hope you enjoy blogging – its so much fun. Love your demo newsletter – full of great info and tips. Cheers, Sue

  4. Congrats on your blog, Jean! It looks like it’s going to be just as interesting and informative as your newsletter!

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